Jim’s Computer Services Gippsland

Around the country, around the block. – That’s Jim’s!

Jim’s big enough to serve Greater Gippsland, small enough to be your neighbourhood computer repair Service.

Every Jim’s is staffed not only by our Expert Techs, but is owned and operated by someone who thinks Gippsland is a great place to live and work. The entire Gippsland region can count on Jim’s for expert repair and IT services at a good price with our famous ‘no worry’ service.

If It’s Broken, We Fix It

If your problem involves a computer that is not working properly, call Jim’s; it doesn’t matter what the problem is, or the model: PC or Mac, desktop or laptop, hardware or software. From your computer not turning on to a broken screen to bigger problems, like a virus or malware or a hard drive that requires replacement, the Expert Techs at Jim’s can get your computer back up and running, usually in one visit.


It’s What We Do

At Jim’s, we think there are some things you should take for granted, so here’s what we do for every customer, every day:

  • Same Day Service if you call by midday – You call, we come. At Jim’s, we aim to get you up and running fast, so we try to get our Expert Techs to you the day you call.
  • Flexible Hours – To ensure we can get to you the same day, we spend a lot of time open here at Jim’s, from 9 am to 9 pm, and we only take Sundays off.
  • No Call Out Fee – At Jim’s we don’t charge to come out to see you. We can quote on troubleshooting and inspection time required to diagnose the problem which will be reported and an accurate quote for repairs will be provided.

Our Famous ‘Worry Free’ Service

With Jim’s, one call does it all. Our Expert Techs will be dispatched, probably on the same day, and we can likely fix your computer’s problem in one visit. After an expert diagnosis, your Expert Techs will tell you exactly what is wrong, and sometimes quoting an inspection fee to find out what is wrong, before providing a repair quote and how they will fix it and how much it will cost. Work doesn’t begin until you OK the repair quote.

Our Services:

Jims Computers – http://jimscomputerservices.com.au/

Backups – http://jimscomputerservices.com.au/back-ups/

Data Recovery – http://jimscomputerservices.com.au/back-ups/data-recovery/

It Support – http://jimscomputerservices.com.au/it-support-2/small-business/

Virus And Malware Removal – http://jimscomputerservices.com.au/computer-services/virus-and-spyware-removal/

Laptop Repairs – http://jimscomputerservices.com.au/repairs/laptop/

Computer Repairs – http://jimscomputerservices.com.au/repairs/

Software Installation – http://jimscomputerservices.com.au/computer-services/software-installation/

Jim’s: Australia Strong, Locally Friendly

Jim Penman was working his way through graduate school when he started a part-time gardening business. Now there are over 3000 Jim’s franchises in 41 service areas in four countries, with over 200 being added every year.


Australia’s own! – That’s Jim’s!