Small Business IT Support

Keeping you online all the time. – That’s Jim’s!


You have enough to do as a small business owner. You put in long days, and you certainly do not need to make your days any longer by having to be your own IT Support department. You take care to ensure your employees have the tools they need. You can’t afford downtime because downtime means lost productivity and lost customers.

Whether you have an established business or are just starting out, it’s time to consider making Jim’s your in-house IT department. We have the expertise and friendly, worry-free service you demand at a price you want to pay.

Established Businesses

Has your business been around a while with you or someone else overseeing your IT operations as a collateral duty? Or, do you have your own IT department, but find they are overwhelmed or are having trouble finding and keeping the talent you need?

If so, Jim’s Computers is your solution. Jim’s can handle all aspects of keeping your IT department up and running

One call to Jim’s is all it takes. Our initial on-site consultation will evaluate all aspects of your IT operation, from the basics like connectivity and hardware and software requirements to the big things like ensuring your network is safe from viruses and hackers.

After that, Jim’s Expert Techs will sit down and discuss what you need and outline a program for regular maintenance and upgrades, so you can avoid further problems in the future at a price your bottom line will appreciate.

Your business deserves the peace of mind that comes from knowing your IT system is in expert hands. Call Jim’s for your consultation today!


New Businesses

A new business requires maximum effort. With that sometimes come maximum worries. Your IT department should not be one of these! Put yourself ahead from the start with the peace of mind that comes from having Jim’s as your personal IT and managed services department

Jim’s Expert Techs work as hard as you do. We know you want a worry free IT experience, so we will start from the ground up, just like you.

We’ll get you online and connected to your desktops, laptops, and tablets. We take your network’s security as seriously as you do, so our Expert Techs will make sure the latest in virus and network protection are installed.

We guarantee you will be satisfied with every aspect of our service. At Jim’s, it’s how we earn your business and how we keep it.

One call doing it all! – That’s Jim’s!