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Jim’s Computer Services – Canberra

Around the country, around the block. – That’s Jim’s!

You’re busy. There are a lot of demands on us nowadays: family, work, you name it.

We all have better things to do than wait to have your computer fixed.

That’s why us Canberrans know we can trust Jim’s.

Us Canberrans?

Just Like you, we are Canberran’s and we live here too.  Sure, Jim’s is a national company, but every Jim’s Computer Services franchise in Canberra is owned by someone like you, someone building a good, honest life for themselves and their family, right here in the capital.

If It’s Broken, We Fix It

We like to keep it straight-froward here at Jim’s: if there is something wrong with your computer, we can fix it. Simple or complicated, PC or Mac, desktop or laptop, hardware or software, home or office. We are fully trained and ready to help.

Jim’s Expert Techs can fix your problem, usually in one visit and usually on the same day you called. It’s what we do.

Jim’s: We Work For You

At Jim’s, we think there are some things you should take for granted, so here’s what we do for every customer, every day:

  • Same Day Service if you call by midday – You call, we come. We aim for same day service with every call because we want you to be up and running fast.
  • Flexible Hours – We’re open six days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm, and we only take Sundays off. We know your computer is an important part of your home or office, so we want to make sure we are there when you need us.
  • No Call Out Fee – At Jim’s we don’t charge to come out to see you. We can quote on troubleshooting and inspection time required to diagnose the problem which will be reported and an accurate quote for repairs will be provided.

Our Famous ‘Worry Free’ Service

Worry free means worry free. We offer everything required for a painless repair experience. What’s more, we provide a competitive quote for expert diagnosis on what’s wrong and our explanation of how we will fix it in everyday language that you understand. After this, we give you a fair repair quote, and our Expert Techs don’t start until you OK the repair estimate.

Jim’s: Australia Strong, Local Friendly

Jim Penman was working his way through graduate school when he started a part-time gardening business. He began franchising in 1989 and now there are over 3000 Jim’s franchises in 41 service areas in four countries, with over 200 being added every year.

Australia’s own! – That’s Jim’s!

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