Apple Mac Repairs

Your problem, our solution. – That’s Jim’s!

Your Mac represents a significant investment. We’re Mac fans too here at Jim’s so we know first-hand the pride Mac owners take in their machines. Your Mac may well be your prized possession – after your kids, of course – and if your Mac is broken you want it fixed, reliably, quickly, and at a price that will allow you to eat for the next few weeks.

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You have several options:

  • Get a loan and go to a shop that only services Macs. If you have the time to wait and the money to spend, this is a great option.
  • Take it to a chain store that also happens to do Mac repairs. Don’t kid yourself, the drive, the fight for parking, and the long line are a small price to pay for a business that repairs Macs as a side job.
  • Call Jim’s.


What To Expect

When our technicians arrive, they will quote to diagnose the problem and then tell you what needs to be done and how much extra it will cost to repair. Most problems can be fixed on-site. If not, our technicians will tell you how long your repair will take and will deliver it to your door when the repair is complete.

As with every Jim’s service, work does not begin until you OK the estimate.

Call Jim’s for Preventive Maintenance (PM)

Increase the life of your Mac by calling Jim’s for some Mac TLC. Among the things we can do are increasing disk space, removing unnecessary start-up items, installing more RAM and rebuilding the disk directory and clearing caches. A little TLC now can prevent big problems in the future.


Nobody demands more than we do. – That’s Jim’s!