Desktop Repairs

Though more laptops are sold nowadays than desktops, desktops remain popular. Laptops have come a long way and they still offer a more powerful computing experience. You can get more done on a desktop than on a laptop.

Desktops are easier to upgrade, too, and can accommodate a greater variety of upgrades and even wholesale replacements.

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Your Desktop, Like Your Time, Is Valuable

At Jim’s, we realize you cannot afford to have your desktop down for a significant length of time. If you have a desktop, it is plainly a vital part of your home office your business.

Our computer repair team are trained in all aspects of desktop repair and can handle any problem you face. Hardware and hard drive replacement, Internet connectivity issues, desktops that won’t turn on, the dreaded blue screen or removing malware and viruses, the Expert Techs at Jim’s can handle it.

If your desktop isn’t working properly and you don’t want to lug it to a faceless chain store to stand in line only to be told your desktop won’t be ready for a week, call Jim’s. Jim’s Expert Techs will be dispatched, most likely on the same day you called. Your Expert Techs will quote to diagnose the problem and tell you exactly what needs to be fixed. Most desktop problems can be fixed at your home or business the same day.


Plus, as always with Jim’s, our Expert Techs will tell you how much your repair will cost and work will not start until you approve the estimate. It’s how we do business at Jim’s because our customers deserve the very best.

Your problem may not even require a visit. More and more we can make repairs remotely. All we do is dial in, access your computer, and fix the problem. Visit here for more info – Jims Computer Services.

In the rare case we cannot fix your problem on-site, and we need to take your computer in, we will have it fixed faster than the faceless chain stores. We will even bring it back to your home or office.

Few things can be as confusing as something that needs to be fixed and this is especially true with your desktop. It’s important to deal with someone you can trust, and here at Jim’s we work hard to earn your trust with fast, expert computer repairs. It’s why we keep earning new customers and keep the ones we have.

Delivering our best to you. – That’s Jim’s!