Laptop Screen Repairs

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Jims Computers Australia are the experts in Laptop repairs including screen repairs and replacement.

Your laptop may be virus free with the latest hardware and software upgrades, but if your computer’s screen is damaged, it won’t really matter. A broken screen is similar to an otherwise fit runner being kept out of a race because of a blister on his foot.


Prevention Is The Best Medicine

Your laptop’s screen is quite sensitive and can be damaged from only a modest amount of pressure. Screens can be damaged in a variety of ways, but with a bit of care, they are all preventable. As usual here at Jim’s, we don’t want your business unless necessary, so we are pleased to offer tips on how to keep your computer’s screen in tip-top condition:

The most common way screens break are by being dropped. Treat your laptop with care; transport it only in a padded case and carry it in a bag. Do not carry it under your arm or as part of a stack of books and papers. Even if it’s closed, your laptop screen can break if dropped hard enough.

Also, make sure there is nothing on your keyboard before you close your laptop. Something as light as earbuds can cause damage to your screen. Pens, pencils, even mobile phones are things that are routinely left on keyboards that will cause screen damage.

Lastly, do not touch your screen, either. Unless it’s a touchscreen, your laptop’s screen was not designed to be poked.


When This Fails, Call Jim’s

It’s important not leave screens damaged for too long. A damaged screen left untreated can lead to other problems when dust, moisture, and other elements creep inside.

The good news is your friends at Jim’s can quickly fix your damaged screen. All models, too, including Mac, HP, Lenovo, IBM, Dell, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, NEC, Compaq, MSI, Samsung, ASUS, Fujitsu and LG.

Your Jim’s Expert Tech will come to you, where he will provide an expert diagnosis and a complete estimate. Plus, work doesn’t start until you give the OK.

With Jim’s, there is no need to lug your laptop to a repair store or, worse, to some chain office supply store that also happens to do computer work. We pride ourselves on same day service, so with Jim’s you know your laptop won’t be down any longer than necessary. Jim’s Expert Techs can fix most computer issues the same day, on-site, with all work covered by Jim’s guarantee.


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