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Backup Services.

Backup made easy. – That’s Jim’s!

Backing up data is something most don’t think about until it’s too late. Or, it’s something we keep putting off until tomorrow because, after all, what is going to happen today?

Combined with the fact that backing up data is going to require some research and work, it’s no wonder a lot of people feel this is something they can put off.

It’s not. Conducting regular backups is important for all computer owners, whether at home or at the office.

Protect Yourself We don’t want you calling us when it might be too late. Your friends here at Jim’s Computer Services are pleased to offer steps you can take today to back up your data. If you have made the mistake of not backing and have lost your data – try our data recovery services.

The most important step is to conduct regular backups. You can do this to external drives or a cloud-based system online. For maximum security, feel free to do both. Double the protection means double the backup.

If you are backing up your data to an external drive, make sure the external unit can be disconnected completely from your computer. This will help ensure that viruses do not infiltrate your external drive.

Some problems, such as spyware and malware, can be avoided simply by having an antivirus program installed. Malware usually works by attaching itself to existing files on your computer system. An antivirus program prevents many of these.

Ransomware Also keeping computer owners and network administrators on their toes is ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents or limits you from accessing your computer system.

Ransomware is a form of malware which forces you to pay money through assorted online payment gateways. When the ransom is paid, you regain access to your system or to your data. Some ransomware encrypts files, known as Cryptolocker.

It gets worse. Some ransomware encrypts files with the ability to infect files kept on a secondary hard drive or an external thumb drive just as easily as it can infect the main computer.

The Bottom Line A data deleting event can happen anytime, even for those who take precautions.
And while we want your business here at Jim’s, we don’t want it until it’s necessary. Make sure you have backups in place.

Is all this too confusing? Call Jim’s, your in-house IT expert. Jim’s Expert Techs can set up a backup system
that is easy to follow and will secure everything – pictures, music, movies, documents, everything.

Keeping your computer and your data safe. – That’s Jim’s!