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Data Recovery.

Making the lost found. – That’s Jim’s!

The feeling is probably similar to watching your new boat sink: you cannot access something on your computer.

Music, pics, documents, all gone. Worse, you have no idea why. You did the same things you always did, but now everything appears to be gone: your memories, your entertainment, even projects for work.

Maybe not, however.

Just because you can’t find something on your computer doesn’t necessarily mean it’s lost forever. At Jim’s, our Expert Techs have a variety of methods and tools designed to get your data back. We will explore all of them and determine which is best for you.

We Have Options

  • Recovering Files From A Working Hard Drive: It’s possible your computer is working fine and you inadvertently deleted some things. This happens more than you might think, so if this happened to you, you’re in good company. There are a variety of options available and usually, our Expert Techs can retrieve your data in one visit.
  • Recovering Data From A Damaged Hard Drive: There are options for this, too. Your Expert Tech will have the advanced specialist software designed for working with faulty hard drives and, of course, the expertise required to use it.

After recovery, we will determine whether you need any hardware or software upgrades and whether your virus and malware protection are satisfactory. If they’re not, we’ll take care of it because this is one instance where we don’t want repeat business!

Prevention Is The Best Medicine

We can also show you how to backup your data, so if disaster does strike again, you only have to worry about why it happened and not worry about what happened to your data. Backups should be performed on a regular basis.


Sometimes it is necessary to take your hard drive with us. If your data cannot be recovered on site, we won’t waste your time or money. We will tell you that and provide a plain English explanation as to why and when you can expect your computer back.

Par For The Course

As always with Jim’s, we will come to you, often the same day you called. Our Expert Techs will provide an expert diagnosis and explain the repairs they are going to make, all at a fair price. As always, work does not begin until you approve the estimate. There are no surprises at Jim’s. It’s how we do business every day.

Taking the confusion out of data recovery. – That’s Jim’s!