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Hardware Repairs.

For most of us, the insides of our PC or Mac might as well be a foreign country. Few of us will ever see it, much less think about it. Like some foreign lands, it is shrouded in mysteries most of us will never comprehend, so when something does go wrong we aren’t, of course, able to fix it.

Fortunately, most computers are well-made and hardware lasts for the life of your machine. When it doesn’t trust Jim’s to take the mystery out of repairing or replacing your unit’s hardware. Our Expert Techs are, well, experts, and can make any repair required.

If It’s Broken, Jim’s Can Fix It – Or You Don’t Pay

Are the terms ‘motherboard’ and ‘hard drive’ confusing? They’re not to us. Everyone at Jim’s speaks Hardware just as well as we speak English.

  • Is your motherboard fried? We’ll replace it.
  • Is faulty RAM slowing things down? Our Expert Techs can upgrade it.
  • Is your computer screen broken? We can repair those, too.

Count On Jim’s

Our service starts with a diagnosis by our Expert Techs if the problem is obvious, otherwise can provide a competitive quote for troubleshooting to determine the exact cause of the problem and arepair quote prepared., It’s then up to you to decide if you want to make the repairs as quoted or not.. At Jim’s, our Expert Team carry a large number of replacement parts, so it is likely we can fix your computer onsite. Sometimes, however, a part will need to be ordered, and your computer will be taken to our lab for repair.

In most cases, we can fix your computer the same day.

Software And Drivers

Our Expert Techs will also install all software or drivers associated with what we replace.

Putting It All Together

Finally, everything installed by your Expert Tech – hardware, software, and drivers – will be thoroughly tested to ensure everything is in first-class working order.
Our Expert Techs won’t leave until your whole system is operating like new.

Same Day Service Is What We Do

We make every effort to dispatch our Expert Techs the day you call and to fix your computer in one visit.
With Jim’s, you get our famous ‘no worry’ service and all our work is guaranteed.

What Can I Do?

Maintenance on computer hardware is difficult, and most of us are unable to open our computers and fiddle around with what’s inside.

The biggest thing you can do is remember the greatest enemies facing your computer are heat, moisture, dust, and dirt. Cleaning your computer on a regular basis will help keep your unit running smoothly. Wiping it down, of course, helps, but spray cans of compressed air clean keyboards wonderfully.